logo_hcd160x72HCD is a knowledge center specialized in the development and application of user research methodologies for product, interior and services design especially in the health care field.

HCD is an interdisciplinary team including designers, architects and engineers coming from different countries and with various cultural background working in permanent connection with specialists belonging to local medical institutions.

From the technological point of view, HCD works in strong connection with SensibiLab, PhyCo Lab, Modeling and Prototypes Lab for the realization of prototypes used in iterative design, evaluation, modification cycles with final users.

HCD supports specifically the transfer of biomedical technologies to the manufacturing sector trough projects and researches directly involving final users according to User Centered Design principles.

HCD's projects range from the design of biomedical wearable devices for remote monitoring of biological signals to the development of health care service scenarios supported by mobile communication technologies.

Clients of HCD are public institutions ("Active Wellfare" project with a local health care agency), international companies ("MObileHEalth care for the future for an international mobile telephone company), small and medium enterprises ("Babylandia" project in collaboration with several local companies) and medical structures ("IMprovePEdiatricEXperience" project for a the pediatric department of a hospital).

HCD supports didactic activity offering assistance to design students of Politecnico di Milano in their thesis realization and hosts Italian and foreign stagers. It also participates in the organization of events to spread user centred design culture in the health care field.